Jeryl Mumpower:  "I'm baffled

Carolyn Gage:  " Remarkable!

Paul Miyamoto:  "I am very impressed

Bill Heerdt: " I had a dream you were in

Lydia Mulero: " or is it a story???

Rob Peagler: " It's very funny.

Gustav Ericson: " Holy Smokes!

JC Garrett: " you seem obsessed

Jose Maria Carazo: " a very very well written article

Bree Edwards: " I never did doubt you


Montserrat Samso: "La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla"

Elaine: " You should be syndicated!

Joachim Frank: " A pickup truck is by far more complex than a chicken

Stuart Lehrman: " Excuse Me, I have to go to the bathroom

Fred Escher (1): " L'II READ IT LATER

Fred Escher (2): " You're Websight is better than mine!

Robert Sietsema: [ search: sietsema

Richard Lovrich: " cluck!

StanFrancisco: " entertaining postings

Kimberly Wood: " I enjoyed all of your stories

Fanny Sadeau: "I love nothing better"

Ed Atkeson: " I was riveted

Lowell Darling, aka Dudley Finds: " grow up

Mary McFerran: " what else.?

Pascal Guillot: " you are quite a man of the world!

Don Byrd: " Funny stuff.

Robert Sietsema (2): " cheesheads

Mark Shaming: " I think there's a metaphor here

john j.a. jannone [aj]: "It's a miracle

Scott Brodie: "A lot of things made by so-called (self-called) artists simply don't rise to the challenge

Chris Funkhouser: " eerily great

Chuck Patch: " I like it alot." 

Stuart Lehrman: "An not a moment too soon."

c. 1999 J.Galligan