Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 11:56:31 -0500

From: richard lovrich lynne signore 



Subject: Re: 7/21/98

Age, time, a dramatically new lifestyle? 
One or a combination of any or  all of these factors has 
had a strange effect on my countenance. 
I look  like a chicken. To be more specific, 
it is my head which looks like a  chicken's head. 
My body luckily, has not shared in the transformation.  
Let me be clear, it is not as though I recently, upon passing a mirror, 
 spy my reflection from a new angle and find something vaguely  
chicken-like in what I saw. Every time I see myself in any reflective  
surface, for any length of time from any angle, I see the chicken. 
The effect can be hightened any number of chicken gestures. 
The effect  however, cannot be irradicated no matter the pose or 
gesticulation. So  profound is this new condition that I have 
taken measures to offset it.  Hairstyle, collar choices, posture, 
expressions, all have failed. The  added difficulty in these 
experimentations, is the time neccessarily  spent looking in 
mirrors, at a chicken, in order to perform them.

        I would not trade my adversity for another,
always wary of even the most obviously good deal. 
Nonetheless, having been a bit less than handsome 

all my life, I thought I would have to settle for nothing less. 

more later


richard lovrich

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