From: Montserrat

Subject: News from Albany


Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 01:11:33 -0500 (EST)

Dear Jan and Lillian, 

How are you? Flamenco classes, coffees, sun, sand and rock and roll. 

Here, not too bad. It snowed a lot, like 8",  and the city was all

immaculate for ~30 minutes, before the cars hit the road and people start

throwing grit and plowing streets. Nothing like the weather in Seville, I

imagine. Although it could rain. But, as you know, la lluvia en Sevilla es

una maravilla.  But on the other hand, you might find some depletion of

furniture in your appartment, since quien se va a Sevilla pierde su Silla.

The snow melted, and the foundations of the Corning tower probably got a

bit weakened. We had to evacuate the building and only came back when it

was safe. You can see the Corning tower and you could say you see the Pisa

tower, but that's OK. Nobody was hurt, and a lot of equipment is intact.

The egg too, fell. The main problem is that it fell in a bad place: It

bounced and fell on the road getting to the parking lots, so now cars have

to enter and exit from the same road, and people complain about the

traffic congestion. 

The Hudson, too, overflowed with all this amount of snow-melt, but Grand

street is safe. When it went back to the normal curse, the streets more

West (closer to the river) were full of dead fishes, and waiters and cooks

from the restaurants downtown (included cafe Capriccio) hurried to get

them,  apparently to avoid people stepping on them inadvertendly, which

could provoke slipping.

Well, enjoy your time while you are there...

Best regards and have lots of fun,


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