Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 07:07:22 -0400
From: S Lehrman <>
Subject: Re: Por favor, attenciones

The composer.
The writer.
The physicist.
The philosopher.
The musician.
The artist.
The judge.
The jury.

Art imatates life therefore - "sometimes I pull off a good one, at least I
think I do no i know I do" Randy Newman -  so the rest off the time while
you are standing on line or dreaming about how good that one brief moment
of bliss was. 

Hoping you can pull off another. I say: best of luck -  fill
in the that line standing time and make art if you must; and if it sink up
someone else air space, I am sure there will be some would be could be
must be writer with time on his hands and a hard on unsatisfied that will
be happy to rip you to shreds. "An not a moment to soon" Blondie

Stuart Lehrman


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