JAN 20 THRU FEB 9, 2003 
The cold weather has driven us inside, especially since we've just recently
returned from Argentina where it was the middle of the summer. Besides,
we didn't see enough movies in Buenos Aires anyhow. 

LYDIA - World's largest street

JAN - Sandboard el maestro
We'll be watching movies from the following list and posting our
reviews here afterwards. Click on the film links below to read
the review. 

Possible film list: 
  •    Chicago 
  •    Gangs of New York 
  •    About Schmidt 
  •    The Hours 
  •    25th Hour 
  •    Catch Me if You Can 
  •    Adaptation 
  •    Rabbit Proof Fence 
  •    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 
  •    Shanghai Knights 
  •    The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers 

Rating System - In view of the weather in Albany which has driven us into the movie theater in the first place, we will use a temperature rating for our reviews based on the following scale in degrees Fahrenheit: 

  •     33   The best - thawed us out 
  •     20   OK - but didn=t change anything 
  •     10   Bad - made us colder 
  •       0   Awful - chilled us to the bone 
  •    -10   Egad - how much worse can it get?

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