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Capitulo Cinco:

Cartelera de Peliculas

Capsule reviews of the films we saw in...


"Perdita Durango", directed by Alex de la Iglesia. Starring Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem. A woman without scruples, Perdita [little lost one], and a santero-assassin, Romeo Dolorosa [full of pain and distress], share their lives and their manias. Kidnapping a pair of adolescent north americans from good families and carrying out the smuggling of a cargo for the mafioso in Mexico. Also featuring Screaming Jay Hawkins.


"La Pistola de mi Hermano" [The pistol of my brother], directed by Ray Loriga. Starring Daniel Gonzalez and Nico Bidasolo. Filmed in Madrid and on the coast of Gilbralter. A boy saves a pistol whose ammunition is three bullets. With the first he kills a security officer of a big supermarket when accused of stealing a comic book. In his getaway he steals a car with a girl in it whose just come out of a clinic where she's been having her wrists repaired from a suicide attempt.

"La Camerera del Titanic" [The stewardess of the Titanic], directed by Vigas Luna. Starring Artana Sanchez-Gijon and Oliver Martinez. Filmed in Spain. A french worker creates his ideal woman from a maid on the Titanic whom he meets the day of its fateful voyage.

"Nirvana", directed Gabrielle Salvatores. Starring Christopher Lambert [previous films include "Greystroke: the legend of Tarzan, lord of the apes", the "Highlander" series, "To Kill a Priest", "Mortal Kombat, the Movie", "The Sicillan", "The Hunted", and "Why Me?"], Diego Abantantuono and Sergio Rubini. Filmed and produced in Italy. Christmas in the year 2005. Jimmy [Christopher Lambert] is a programmer of video games who finds himself depressed because his girlfriend has just left him. A virus has infected his last program, Nirvana, and only the hero of the video game has noticed. He asks his creator to liberate him and to eliminate the game from cyberspace.

"Secretos del Corazon" [Secrets of the Heart], directed by Montexo Amendariz. Starring Andoni Erburu and Carmelo Gomez. Filmed and produced in Spain, in Andelusia. Javi is a child of eight years, orphaned by his father, who lives with his two aunts. During holy week, Javi and his brother go on vacation to the town where their mother, uncle and grandfather live. There they are in contact with the world of adults and explore the mysterious circumstances revolving around the death of their father.

"Carne Tremula" [Quivering Meat], directed by Pedro Almodovar. Starring Francesca Neri, Javier Bardem, and Liberto Raval. Filmed entirely in Madrid. Three men convene at Elena's house, the daughter of the Italian consulate in Madrid. This encounter will mark their lives. Victor, an immature adolescent who ends up in jail, David, a policeman who will become a parapalegic, and Elena. Years later these lives will cross again.

Chapter Six: Comidas y Bebidas

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