July 29, 2002

The Long and Winding Road; to Kenosha

By THE NEW YORK TIMES,  John W. Fountain

KENOSHA, WI, July 28 Employing the latest in road-warrior high technology, while driving a relic of the Ozzy Nelson era, an international businessman/entrepreneur from upstate New York and his sidekick, known as 
"The Kenosha Kid" made a 2000 mile-roundtrip-sojourn [The 20/20/20 Trip]
to the home of the venerable Nash Rambler. 

Travelling non-stop and conducting business 24/7 via cell phones and wireless DSL, Ned Foss piloted his antique, 1951 Nash Rambler Country Club, the first 'compact car' made in America, to the 100th Anniversary celebration of Nash Motors, held in Kenosha, WI., as Jan Galligan created a mile-a-minute documentary with sound and pictures, instantly uploaded to the internet. 

Staying less than a day, the dauntless duo turned around and drove back to Albany. When asked, Foss stated, "Well, why not? Like Haley's comet, it only happens once every 100 years. Besides, Galligan was born there." 

Galligan had been previously charged with posing as a New York Times photographer during an escapade in Prague, Czech Republic, officials said 
(see: N.Y.Times, Nov. 11, 2001).

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